Corporation Inc Walkthrough


Simulation games have actually been around for quite some time, you may be familiar with console games such as the Sims. Sims started off really popular, the ideas was that you role play as people, find jobs, learn new skills, meet people and try to live life. Something big just hit the online game industry and that is Corporation Inc. Corporation Incorporated is an all new online game from John, a very well made game I might add, it has quickly jumped up to the best game of 2010, following that would be Warlords 2: Rise of Demons.

In this online RPG game you simply run your own push button factory, the goal is to run a successful business that earns a steady income, you’ll have to hire and fire workers depending on their happiness level, and whether or not they slack off or do their job(s). There have been a few minor bugs with the game but overall they have been fixed or are still in the process of being fixed, the game itself is very unique, something much different from the usual online games I play.

The game starts out with 3 modes, easy, medium and hard. Each mode has a different amount of starting cash, I have managed to play it both on medium and hard, if you do choose the hard option you cash will probably cut pretty close to low earnings, just make sure you don’t purchase to many offices or decor.I have read a few great Corporation Inc Walkthroughs here and there explaining useful gameplay hints on how to complete each objective. The game has 32 objectives, some of them are rather time consuming, so make sure you just keep earning a fair amount of money before you attempt to make any serious purchases.

Analysis: Overall this game is by far the best online game I have played to date, without a doubt. If you are into casual games or in this case simulation games, you should definitely add this game to your playlist. If you run into any bugs just let John know, he is constantly doing his best to improve and make the gameplay better for everyone out there in the online gaming community. Good luck, and as always have fun!


Advantages of Ergonomic Keyboards


Ergonomic keyboards are specially designed computer keyboards with an aim to reduce stress on your wrists and forearms while typing. They have been around for quite some time now, and its been proven that the special contour designs of these keyboards are definitely worth the trouble.

A common ergonomic keyboard design is one where the keyboards seems to be split in half, and each half is positioned on an angle to match the shape of your wrists when typing.

If you use a computer frequently, and especially if you do a lot of typing, you’ll want to make sure you are comfortable with your keyboard. And so, buying an ergonomic computer keyboard would be a great investment for you. You’ll save your hands, forearms and wrists from discomfort, making you more productive and allowing you to work for longer periods of time.

Also, if you’ve ever experienced pain in your hands, wrists or forearms associated with using your keyboard in the past, you will want to consider dumping your old keyboard and buying an ergonomic one to save you from the pain.

If your use of the computer doesn’t include extensive keyboard work, you might not see the full benefits from an ergonomic keyboard. Although, I would still recommend an ergonomic keyboard for all computer users, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Buying an ergonomic keyboard is a great investment that will save you in the long run.


The History of the Quaker Lace Company


If you enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving table, look forward to a white wedding, baptismal, or simply appreciate the beauty of lace curtains and linens, you might owe more than you think to the Quaker Lace Company.

The Quaker Lace Company of Philadelphia was founded in 1889 and started out as the Bromley Manufacturing Company, founded by the three sons of John Bromley. Mr. Bromley was an English carpet weaver who immigrated to Philadelphia in the 1840s and later became the patriarch of one of the city’s largest textile enterprises. To large-produce lace for America, the Bromleys dipped into the profits they had made on their carpet business in England. This allowed them import not only expensive lace looms, but also the skilled weavers to produce them from Nottingham, England. In 1894, they renamed the business The Lehigh Manufacturing Company, and moved into an impressive manufacturing complex at the corner of 4th Street and Lehigh Avenue in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. Later on, they opened another factory at 22nd and Lehigh, said to be the largest in the world.

Finally incorporated as the Quaker Lace Company in 1911, the firm quickly gained national attention as the nation’s lace industry leader. Q L’s ability to successfully market machine-made lace as a stylish lifestyle for middle-class homes and women’s fashions, made it a household name. By the early 1900’s, Quaker Lace came close to surpassing the regal place of Nottingham, the place from which they obtained their looms, weavers, and designers. One of their more popular brochures proclaimed: “America has taste and individuality that should find expression in an American lace industry. Why not try to develop here a more perfect lace than that produced in Nottingham and Calais, the lace markets of the world?”

The success of Q L was due in large to their ability to adopt to meet their middle-class customers’ desires for lace that was both luxurious and durable. Q L was a success, as the mechanization of lace-making offered average Americans the unique opportunity to wear and decorate their homes with what was previously a luxury item. Another very successful brochure invited the used of lace in fashion, “…no part of a woman’s wardrobe which may not be beautified by the use of Quaker Laces,” citing the “originality, authoritativeness and timeliness” of their designs.

One of their most admired designers lured away from the English and European industries, was designer Frederick Vessey. Recognizing the public’s desire for beauty and durability, the company released one of their most successful brochures yet, one that emphasized the technical features of Quaker Lace nets that allowed their curtains to resist pulls, stretching, and distortion after washing without losing that essential quality of transparency.

During the second world war, the public’s purchasing power and interest diminished. This was one of many swings in the textile industry. As the market for lace curtains continued to decline, the firm turned to producing practical goods like mosquito or camouflage netting for the military. In 1932, it began its first production of lace tablecloths, a favorite post-war item that would forever be associated with Quaker Lace.

Quaker Lace was not protected from the shifts in the textile industry, and in the late 1980s the Nottingham looms at the 4th and Lehigh factory became silent, as the manufacturing moved to plants in Lionville, Pa (Chester County), and Winthrop, Maine.

The Philadelphia Mill continued to operate by bleaching, dying, cutting, and packaging the famous Quaker Lace tablecloths and curtains. The Mill remained open largely due to their innovative chemical process that allowed their tablecloths and curtains to withstand dozens of launderings without losing their shape.

It was the closure of a substantial amount of the department stores that retailed the Quaker Lace products that finally pushed the company into bankruptcy in 1992.

The Quaker Lace rights, name and patterns were purchased by Lorraine Linens, which marketed their unique tablecloths and curtains until its own bankruptcy in 2007. The original manufacturing plant of Lehigh Avenue in Philadelphia, was abandoned after the bankruptcy and eventually was destroyed by a devastating fire on September 19, 1994.

In 2003, the Julia de Burgos Middle School was built on the site.


Creativity As a Key to Success: Cultivating and Tapping Into the Spirit Within


I believe that creativity is an attribute that many leaders desire, fewer leaders believe they have, and in reality, even fewer leaders exercise in practice. Creativity, as an intentional process that can lead to doing or producing new things and current things differently in the future, is a key ingredient to success. Moreover, I believe that each of us has an outlet for creativity to come to life, kindle, and burn.

The brilliance in the documented history of society’s geniuses is found at the crossroads of the art and science of the phenomenon in which they are studying. The fact that the boundary pushers and creative destroyers of our past and present have been equally concerned with the art and science of the problem they are addressing demonstrates their seemingly innate appreciation and comfort with the unknown.

For example, on their pursuit of man-powered flight, the Wright brothers spent as much time studying books on ornithology (the scientific and empirical study of birds) and observing soaring birds as they did studying texts on aviation, mechanical engineering, and man-powered flight. Moreover, it was their obsession with and courage to invest their time observing soaring birds in flight that inspired them to develop the core element associated with their 1903 flier’s success – the patented hip cradle system. Simply stated, the hip cradle system provided the opportunity for the pilot to literally roll left and right and by doing so flexing the tips of the left and right (top and bottom) wings of the flier in order to respond to the ever-changing winds and unpredictable drafts (McCullough, 2015).

This changed the game of man-powered flight and was directly inspired by their observation of soaring birds (e.g., eagles, buzzards, falcons, sea gulls, etc.). In turn, this informed the way they designed their flier and reframed their appreciation for flexibility in their approach and in their actual design (McCullough, 2015). Finally, it was their commitment to respecting and taking pause at the crossroads between the art and science of their field that led to their world changing ideas. To think that the key to understanding a fundamental aspect of man-powered flight had always been there for all aviators and innovators to observe and re-engineer is both confounding and inspiring.

As we begin to think practically about what this means to us as creators, innovators, and ideators it is important to consider where we might start. For me, the creative process follows these five practical, applicable, and transferable steps:

1. Stop and observe the world within your immediate surroundings around you with a heightened sense of awareness. This can include asking questions, making observations, and reviewing artifacts in order to inform, complement, or contrast with what you think about the world. Lead with the question: what do I care enough about to do something about in this world?

2. Intentionally decide to find comfort in and understand the borders and ambiguity of a blank canvas. Lead with the question: how have my observations shaped or framed the way I view this particular challenge or topic?

3. Adopting and applying divergent thought practices to generate ideas by exploring various explanations and opportunities in a free-flowing, deviating manner (e.g., list concepts, ideas, and responses). Lead with the question: in what theoretical ways can we address this topic?

4. Adopting and applying convergent thought practices to refine ideas from a free-flowing divergent exploratory process into the criteria-driven narrowing and joining of ideas to address a challenge or topic. Lead with the question: of the ideas or responses generated, which seem to fit and directly support the challenge or topic being addressed?

5. Post-convergence, develop a plan that includes a simple project statement, which includes scope, schedule, and resources needed. Lead with the question: now that I have an idea how will I pursue and achieve it?

Perhaps most important is that each of us, as leaders – not as human beings – realize that we have access to reservoirs of creativity and innovation. It is up to us to find ways to tap into that creativity and convert it into transformational initiatives. Go for it, find yourself, tap into your creativity, and transform the world you live in for the better!


How to Choose a Unique & Unusual Costume Theme


Throughout the years I have come across some very interesting,  unique  & unusual themed costume parties. What I have discovered is, it’s great to be original, however by choosing a difficult or impossible theme, your guests may find it all too hard to think of a suitable costume for the event.

Must Know Tip: It’s an idea to offer costume suggestions when posting out invites, this will help put your guests at ease and will help build their excitement.

Here we will address many of the considerations that need to be made before making a decision on the theme.

o What season is the party to be held in?

o What venue?

o What sought of guests will attend?

o What is the occasion?


Make sure that your theme party is organized to show case costumes that are compatible with the weather at the time of year you are holding your party. Keeping the theme party and costumes consistent will ensure the comfort of your guests.


Always fit your theme to your venue for e.g. look at holding your party on a boat and use one of our themes below like “Noah’s Ark” or “Come Rescue Me”. Maybe your venue may be a nightclub whereby “Come as a Cocktail” or “Change of Sex” – “Playboy Mansion” could be used.


Consider who the majority of your guests will be and if they are a little on the conservative side, perhaps stay clear of a raunchy/sexy theme. Keep with a theme that your guests will be comfortable with, ensuring that they will be excited to dress up.


Are you the host of a birthday party, bon voyage, graduation, wedding anniversary or possibly a sweet 16th birthday? Think beyond the norm, choose your theme and start researching what costumes your guests could come in character as. Once again if you make it easy for your guests, you will have them knocking down the door on the night. Think about the occasion and choose something age appropriate if it is a younger persons birthday.

Tip: Research your local costume hire store, libraries, opportunity or thrift stores, internet & so on as they can all be valuable sources of information.

Theme Ideas:

o Come as your favourite dead celebrity or icon

o Come as a cocktail

o Come as a colour from a Rubik Cube

o Change of sex uniform party

o Heaven or Hell

o Come rescue me (think of someone you would like to be rescued by)

o Mad wig party

o Come as an occasion of the year (Christmas, Easter or St Patrick’s Day)

o Come as a title of a book (maybe an autobiography character)

o Come as an animal off Noah’s Ark

o Change of sex, Playboy Mansion

o Come as a video or arcade game character

To ensure the success of your party theme, try a little forethought & planning prior to the event and by addressing some of the points discussed in this article your guests will happily don their costume on the night. This will make for a truly memorable evening and they will wait in anticipation for your next party!


Genital Herpes – Type 1 Vs Type 2 Which One Would You Rather Have?


Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes simplex virus. Type 1 causes fever, blisters on the mouth or face which most refer to as oral herpes. Type 2 genital herpes affects the genital area. Both viruses can cause both genital or oral infections but most are inactive and cause no symptoms.

Some infected people have blisters and ulcer outbreaks. A person infected with the virus remain infected for life. Both Type l and Type 2 herpes is spread through direct contact, such as kissing, skin to skin contact and vaginal oral or anal sex. Herpes is often transmitted by people who are unaware they are infected. It can be transmitted with or without symptoms such as sores.

Type 2 herpes produces mild symptoms and most have no recognized symptoms. Herpes can cause recurrent painful genital sores in many adults. Genital herpes can cause fatal infections potentially in infants if the mother is shedding the virus during delivery. If a woman has active genital herpes at time of delivery, there is a risk to the newborn. So a c-section delivery is performed.

Herpes plays a role in heterosexual spread of HIV – HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Herpes can make people more susceptible to HIV infection. Herpes can also make HIV infected people to be more susceptible to other types of infections. Most people infected with Type 2 genital herpes are not aware of their problem. The primary episode usually occurs within two weeks after the virus is transmitted. Lesions will usually heal within two to four weeks.

Some other symptoms may include fly like symptoms, fever and swollen glands. Some people with the infection may never have lesions or very mild symptoms. There is no treatment. Some antiviral medications can shorten and prevent outbreaks. The correct use of condoms is best but if you or the partner has genital herpes, it is best to abstain from sex.


A Review Of The Xbox Kinect Console!


Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect Console motion gaming device uses a wand-like controller as equipment in the 3D realm. This game effectively integrates voice, camera and body sensing into its games, along with all of the essential Xbox attributes. The technology used in this console could be adapted for just about any kind of game.

Special Features

To effect gesture navigation, the hand moves simultaneously with the cursor. The only downside is that it’s not as fast as using a controller. The voice mechanism is designed for acute accuracy – no matter where you happen to be in the game, because it has bi-directional mics. The video chat is also compatible with Windows Live Messenger.

The motion navigation includes all body parts, as opposed to only the arms – and intuitively knows when movements are occurring. For example, the Kinect Sports Volleyball game is aware when a player jumps in the air. This is considered by many as the first time that a feature like this has existed in this type of gaming experience.


The Xbox Kinect Console motion games include a variety of dancing, sports and exercise titles for which the technology allows for more than its competitors. For example, the games exceed even what is found in a typical arcade, and include ways to adopt and learn real-world motion and strategy skills, such as with “Keyboard Cat” and “Dust-Off”.

Navigation through the menus for music, games and movies is easier using the voice and body, rather than relying upon the hands. This can also cut down on repetitive stress issues that many gamers have faced in the past. This technology may also set a precedent for other games in this regard, which could enhance the gaming experience overall for a very large number of people.


There is a setup required for each game, which can be a bit awkward, and there is no standardized method for the Xbox Kinect Console menu navigation with the body. Because each game setup is different, this could pose extra challenges for some players and interfere with effecting a smooth gaming experience.

This gaming device’s viewing angle is rather narrow, which can restrict the play area. It also makes it very difficult to include two moving people on the screen simultaneously. Much of the time, a player may be cut out and need to step back into the shot. To get around this, it is possible to get a stand to mount it onto the top of the TV. This will allow a wider camera viewing angle.

A lot of room is required to play this particular console’s games, due to the physical nature of them. A small apartment, for example, may present a difficult challenge to overcome.


The Xbox Kinect Console is definitely a technological breakthrough in terms of using voice and body movement for navigation. The games offered are expected to increase over time. Using the body and voice could also be beneficial for more traditional types of popular warfare games, which could be exciting to see and experience.

Because a lot of space is required to play its games – more so than its competitors, this could be a negative that some people may not be able to address. The narrow camera angle is another issue that could make the experience a little less appealing. Overall, however, this gaming device’s advanced technology that seems easy to learn and use for most people.

From a gaming technology development perspective, only time will tell if the Xbox Kinect Console might represent what the future of gaming for Windows on computers will be.


Unique Backyard Decorative Ideas


You may already know that your backyard is more than just an extension of your home. For many, it is a sanctuary, a retreat, a private hideaway – it’s a place for you to get away, to enjoy barbecues with the family or quiet time with a book. Decorating this space to meet your needs and style makes it all the more enjoyable when you spend time here. But if the ordinary backyard decorations aren’t doing it for you, what are some other ideas?

You can be creative in your backyard decorative ideas. Birdhouses are nice and so are garden gnomes, flower gardens and backyard swings. But if you really want to mix it up a bit, here are some ideas you may enjoy:

Sundials- While they’ve been around for a long time, many people have forgotten the beauty and creativity of having one at their home. They will create a beautiful and interesting look in your backyard and also make a great conversation starter. There are many different styles to choose from, including handmade sundials.

Gazing globes- Here’s another  unique  idea that’s been around a while but is really making a comeback since the Victorian period when they were so popular. There are many different colors and sizes of gazing globes. Some come with their own  unique  stands to hold them. Most modern versions are around 10 to 12 inches in diameter but there are globes as large as 20 inches or those that are smaller than 10. The color and size depend on the  unique  look you are going for.

Tiki Torches- Tiki torches and other types of backyard candles or lighting are also increasingly popular yet more  unique  when it comes to backyard décor. You can use them to surround a patio or decorate around the edging of a pool, a barbecue pit and more.

Fountains and Waterfalls- Fountains and waterfalls are another way to add a creative touch to your backyard. There are many which can be purchased and set up easily without requiring any actually holes in your lawn. There are even small versions that can be placed on tops of tables or stands in the backyard and those designed to work in flower beds.

With so many great  unique  backyard decorative ideas, you are ready to start having some fun in the sun this summer with a backyard that makes you feel good to be in it. Can you think of other great ideas for your own backyard paradise?